Cash for Cars

What is Cash for Cars?

Cash for Cars buys your vehicle for cold hard cash!

What types of vehicles do you purchase?

Cash for Cars will make an offer on running used and new cars. We also purchase used, salvaged, wrecked or totaled vehicles.

Do you purchase luxury cars?

Yes! Cash for Cars will buy your luxury vehicle.

Should I trade my cay into the dealer?

No! Cash for Cars pays more than any dealer.

Do you purchase sports cars?

Yes! Cash for Cars will buy your sports vehicle.

How do I get an offer for my car?

Simple! You can either fill out our form located on our Contact Us page, or call (209) 461-0101

Do I have to pay a service fee to Cash for Cars?

No, we do not charge a service fee.

How quickly will Cash for Cars remove my car?

We make all efforts to remove your vehicle the same day you call. In some cases, we can be there within minutes!

Can you remove vehicles that are abandoned on my property?

Yes. We remove abandoned vehicles of any size make or model.

What areas does Cash for Cars service?

Cash for Cars will come pick up your vehicle anywhere in the central valley of California. This includes all cities located in the San Joaquin County which include Stockton, Lodi, Modesto, Sacramento, Galt, Woodbridge

How do I get an offer for my car?

Simple! You can either fill out our form located on our Contact Us page, or call (209) 461-0101

Do you purchase junk cars, even if they are damaged or missing parts?

In almost every case, we can make an offer on your vehicle. This does depending on the ability to remove the junk cars with missing parts, such as tires, engines and transmissions, etc. If we can't pay you for your vehicle, we may be able to remove it for free.

Do I need to be present when the car is removed?

In most cases, you will need to be there with the car and required documents.

Do I need the pink slip or title in order to Cash for Cars?

Yes. We are unable to tow vehicles away without the pink slip or title.

I have the title to the car, but the car is in a different location. Can I still get cash for my car?

Yes. We can handle any type of situation.

How do I obtain my pink slip or title if I can't find it?

Go to the DMV to obtain a new pink slip or title, then call Cash for Cars when you have it.

Can you remove cars off the highway?

In most cases, we can remove a vehicle off of highways and interstates.

What happens to vehicles you remove?

In one manner or another, your vehicle will be recycled. In most cases, it is crushed for the scrap metal.

How does Cash for Cars make money?

The salvage industry in general makes money through recycling vehicles. Cash for Cars is no different, once you accept an offer, we pick it up, and a few days later the car is recycled.

When will I get payment for my vehicle?

We give you cash on the spot. You call us today with a vehicle with a pink slip or title, we bring cash immediately.

Will someone need to come appraise my vehicle in person or do I need to bring it in for inspection?

No. The great thing about Cash for Cars is that everything is handled right over the phone. No waiting for an appraiser to meet and no sitting in a waiting room while your car is being inspected.

Who handles my vehicles final paperwork?

All the paperwork is handled at Cash for Cars, we process the correct paperwork with the DMV.

Do I need to go to DMV during this process?

No, however, if we are unable to process your vehicle due to your documentation, a form may need to be acquired from DMV.

What's the phone number for Cash for Cars?

(209) 461-0101